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 Guide for new members in DMO.

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PostSubject: Guide for new members in DMO.   Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:46 am


first Ill start with the most important item ingame evolutor:
evolutor is an item you use to make your digi evolve, your starter digimon DOES NOT need this item since it already has all its evolutions unlocked
to unlock an evolution you need a certain number of evolutors however you use them just once and your digi will forever have that evolution unlocked
however keep in mind your digi will not saty evolved for ever it will go back to rookie when your out of DS= digi soul but dont worry you can always evolve it back to that unlocked stage when you get ds back


evoltors can help you get you digimon to a side evolution, digimon always come with a single likne evolution from the moment you hatch them how can you know what line this is? well it havent been released yet but with time I think they will give us a guide on digievolution lines like in KDMO but meanwhile you can use this simple tips:
lets say you want to hatch demidevimon(picodevmon) boltmon line and not piedmon line my suggestions is you go ahead and kill boltmon, this will 100% sure will give you an egg wich will evetually evolve to boltmon
now lets say you cant find any boltmon or are to weak to kill them, well then you just got and kill either demimeramon, meramon or skullmeramon why? because this is boltmon evolution line, to make this clearer if you want a digimon just kill the digimons on its evolution line
now going back to sideevos not every digimon has a side evo, and some for example lets say palmon has 2 digievolutions but you dont get them from the same egg confusin? let me make it clearer:
palmon has 2 lines first one has a mega wich is puppetmon and second one has a mega wich is marine angemon however you can not get puppetmon and marine angemon from the same palmon if you wish to do that you need 2 different palmons but how do I get puppetmon insead of marineangemon egg? well if you read above just kill puppetmon linedigis and you will get it for sure.
now lets say you do have a digimon with a side evolution like kiwimon how do you unlock it?
well its simple the same way you unlock all the toher digievolutions with a digievolutor(aka evos)
just feed it enough evolutors and you will permanently unlock its side evolution.
to make this clear not every digimon has a side evo you cannot go from agumon wergreymon line to agumon shinegreymon line just a few of them have side evos and the way to unluck them is via digievolutors.


there are thousands(well I havent count them but lets say a lot) of items in game ill make a short descritpion on what I consider most important( if your want to know function or price or something about one I didnt mention leave a comment)


when you first create you character you will be able to carry 3 digimon with you this including your starter(agumon, gaomon, lalamon or falcomon) and you will have (if I remember right) 4 digistorages already unlock what does this means? that you can have a total of 7 digimons
now lets say you already have 7 digimon but you want to hatch more well all you have to do is buy a digistorage, digistorage is an item wich will unlock an additional storage in a machine where you store your digimons this you can only get this item from cash shop and some times from digicore shop.


ok there has been a lot of confution I think on some thread Ive read about digicores so I will try to make this as clear as possible
digicores are items used to get items from digicore shop not more not less they can only be used to this(or sell to other players of course) now to get this digicores there is only one way and is by scanning digitamas( to know what a digitama is read below) this is the only way to get them.


you can get 3 types of eggs from digis(not 3 at the same time necesarily) this are broken egg, normal egg and digitama.

broken egg has one function and that is be sold at the scanner

normal eggs cant be either scanned or sold at the scanner and you can get a lot of items from them heres a list

chips are the main item to hatch a digimon, now hatching is a kinda large topic but ill try to be as clear as i can about this and maybe do a how to hatch thread later if your ask me,
so what kind of chips are they? well theres are a lot(im not so sure how many) for example we got reptile chips wich are used to hatch reptile digimon like guilmon agumon veemon etc we got plant chips wich are used on plant digimons like palmon water, water chips, rock chips, fire chips and dark chips(this are all I can remember now) now how do I know what chips should I use to hatch my digi? pretty easy the digi you are tryin to hatch will drop this chips for example lets say you want to hatch a guilmon well guilmon will drop 3 kind of eggs( not always 3 of them at them time) one is a broken egg second is a regular egg and third is a digitama now the second wich is a regular egg when you scan it dependin on what kind of egg is will either give you chips or items now if you got this egg from guilmon it will give you reptile chips wich are necessary to hatch a guilmon

if you were looking for a way to make your digi stronger than normal heres the answear, plates are used to boost your digi stats either AT plates for attack DEF for defence and HP for health now what kind of plate should I use on my digimon? well every digi has its own kind of plate lets say you want to boost your agumon attack well if you look at agumons stat you will see a VB wich is the type of plate that agumon uses so all you have to do now is to get a VB AT plate and put it on your tamer by double click it.
how many plates can I have? well you can only equip 2 plates on your tamer at the time but be careful as you digimo evolves the same plate might not work and you might need a different one

if you wonder if you cold drees up your tamer and make it look cool or ridiculous well you can you can get clothes from normal eggs and outfits at cash shop to(you get DATS outfit from quest from samson) so what kind of clothes can you get?
well you can get everything gloves, glasses, shirt, short, sweater, shoes and some other now are clothes only for making you look good?
of course not why would like to look good when everyone looks at your digi
if you combine clothes with lets call them clothes plates you can get a boost on attack defense hp or ds for your tamer wich also will affect your digi, I call them clothes plates because since they are in korean I dont know the traduction so when I get the name ill correct this
you can get this clothes plates simply by killing digis they look like shining little balls on the floor and after you scan them you can get the cloth plate.

now what is a digitama? well digitamas are eggs you get from digimon wich are the only way to hatch a digimon now how do I recognize a digitama? well you will have to be dam blind if you didnt (just kiddin) digitamas are big eggs with a glowin aura around them when you kill a digimon you get a chance to get them
now can I get a agumon digitama from a guilmon? no you cant, you can only get agumon digitama from agumon and guilmon digitama from guilmon
but what kind of digitamas are there? well some time ago on KDMO we discover there are 3 types of digitamas wich we called lvl or grade 1, 2 and 3 this means if you get a lvl 1 digitama you digimon could directly digivolve only until champion without use of digievolutors now if you get lvl 2 digitama you had ultimate unlocked and lvl 3 digitama will get you a mega unlocked
to make this clear lets say you get a lvl 3 betamon egg well this means that your betamon can go from betamon to metalseadramon without the use of evolutors now Im not sure this will be avaible on EDMO and I hope not cuz lvl 3 digitamas were stupidly expensive

well I didnt got a lot of this since they were expensive cash shop items I do will need some assistance from other people on this topic but I will try to help with what I cant on this subject
so what is a mystery digitama? a mystery digitama is a digitama you get from a egg with a question mark on it,
now whats so especial about this digitamas? well this digitamas depending on the kind(im not so sure of them) can get you a free 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5 digimon depending
now to make this clear regular digitamas might or might not get to 3/5 4/5 or 5/5 now mystery digitamas will 100% get to one of those
but how do I know to wich my mystery digitama will go? well cuz its written on its description
now also an important thing from this digitamas aside from they dont break is that they will accept all chips you give them, i dont mean you can feed a reptile chip to a water digitama but for example lets say you are feeding dark chips to your impmon digitama, when you click feed button it will take 10 chips(10 chips because this is impmons requisites not every digitama takes 10) from your bag now the bar might or might not rise from 1/5 to 2/5
but with mystery egg if you feed a 3/5 egg 30 chips it will go to 3/5 for sure
but what if I have a 3/5 egg and I want to push it to 5/5?
well then your godam greedy ¬¬ haha just kiddin
this in fact can be done but WARNING! if you push a 3/5 or 4/5 mystery digitama it might break as regulars one, when tryin to push it the hatcher will give you a warning if you press yes it will feed chips and might or not break.

what is a starter digimon? a starter digimon is a digimon you chose when you first create you character this digimon can not be changed, leaved or deleted wich means it will have to be with you at all times,
to make this clear you cant change you starter for a mercenary digimon and from the 3 digimons you can have with you your starter will always be with you meaning you can just caery 2 mercenarys and your starter
but what starter digimon are there? well there are 4 and 4 only wich are agumon, gaomon, lilamon and falcomon, now im not sure falcomon will be on CBT but OBT will have it for sure.
does starters have side evos? well at first it was the idea and starters did got side evos but for some reason they never were released so to make this clear no starters do not side evo.
wich starter is better? well characters(yoshino, marcus and thomas) suppously have some bonus stats on your digimon and some special power each but this has not been implemented so for now choose any one you like but digimons there is no better just depends on what you like for example gaomon has 3 attack while agumon has only 2 but personaly I like more agumon attack so if you get the chance try each and make ur desicion


yes! we got to the part you most like(dont say you dont) the burst mode now what is a burst mode?
well burst mode is the stage of digis after theire mega and not all digis have one, mercenary digimon use an especifique item to get them and starter digimon get them now how can you get this item?
you cant! haha just kiddin mercenary burst mode items are cashop exclusive and some times can be get on the digicore shop (some say you can get from bosses but I never got one so dont bealive it) now unlike evolutors every mercenary has its own burst mode item for example belzeemon burst mode item its impmon toygun(you might remember it from series) while ophanimon burst mode item is a some kinda of mirror
but how do I know what burst mode item do i need for my digi? well cuz item has a description on it or you can just ask me below if you want to know especific one
now about starters burst mode I cant tell you mode since i never made it(to lazy to get starter to 65) but all i know is you get a quest where you kill a bunch of powerful digis and then you unlock burst mode I help a lot of friends do them theyre not hard in party but I rather not give you unexact data so Ill research and tell you more about this when I actually do it or get some trust info:)
also a very important thing I forgot to say is that you will need accelerators to get to burst mode so I will make a short description below

after you have unlocked your burst mode with burst mode item and have got to the required level you will also need an accelerator to evolve to this stage
how can i get accelerator? well this items can be get by killing bosses and gizumon lvl 65(dont get to worried about finding those until youre really high lvl) but dont worry you can also get them from digicore shop and are quite cheap so every time you go in burst mode it consumes 3 of your accelerators so try to get a lot
your digimon can evolve to 4 stages champion ultimate mega and burst mode(its original form is rookie and they cant go any lowe like intrainin or baby)
to evolve your digimon to champion you need to lvl it up to lvl 11
to ultimate is 25
mega 41
and burst mode 65
so lets say you got your digi to lvl 11 well the first time it will automatically evolve(cool huh?) if you have enough DS= digisoul but when you run out of DS it will go back to its rookie stage now if you want to evolve it again all you need to do is fill up you DS bar enough and double click on the evolution picture of your digi you will see above its power commands(dont worry you will see it) and there you go you evolved again! now digis do can get evolved for a long time if you have enoug DS potions with you and constantly have them also ultimate and mega and burst mode consume more and more DS each so you will need DS pots to fight constantly
if I have champion ultimate mega or burst mode unlock can i directly evolve to them?
the anwear is yes except for burst mode let me make this clear
lets say you are in rookie mode and wanna showoff( i know you will) and want to go directly to mega without evolvin to champ and ulti first well you can do it just by pressing the digi image
now this cant be done with burst mode because to go to burst mode you must first get to mega and then you can evolve to burst mode
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for new members in DMO.   Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:49 am

good guide ! Smile
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Arthur Sataine

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PostSubject: Re: Guide for new members in DMO.   Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:20 pm

Once again, the compliments are appreciated Paradox. But please do not post any future spam. Please go read the rules of forum conduct.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for new members in DMO.   Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:35 pm

Haha i think i've seen this once before Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Guide for new members in DMO.   

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Guide for new members in DMO.
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