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This is a Digimon discussion forum for Digimon fans all over the world. Discussions include console Digimon games, MMOs Digimon games, strategies, TV series, movies.We hope to enjoy your state
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 Forum rules.

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PostSubject: Forum rules.   Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:36 am

These are the DigitalWorldn rules. If you're caught breaking these, consequences will be heavy. Everyone is expected to follow these, including staff.

1. Be respectful to others at all times!

2. Don't impersonate moderators or administrators, and don't "mini-mod". (Pretending to be a mod when you aren't, telling people either their thread should be locked, or they should be banned)

3. Please don't bump old topics that have not been posted on in a month unless there's something really necessary you need to add.

4. Don't post in a row more than once. The edit button is located on the top right of your post, use it well and use it wisely.

5. Stay on topic! Don't talk about something unrelated on a thread. There's other sections of the forum you can use.

6. Don't advertise other sites. There's a difference between posting links for entertainment or advertisement.

7. Please don't use chat speak. Try your best to talk with proper grammar on the forums, and keep it English.

8. All posts must be at least 3 words in order to be not considered spam. (Unless it is a special thread, such as a forum game)

9. Don't ask to become a part of the staff.

10. Don't criticize staff members. Consult an admin or mod if needed. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome as long as they're positive in nature.

11. Please watch the size of your signature. A mod or an admin will tell you if its too large.

12. Use the forum as much as you use the chat! We don't want the main forum to be dead.

13. Don't post any sorts of pornographic material on the forum. Keep it PG-14, and limit the discussions. The chatbox may be used for that stuff, but keep it limited.

14. Don't create multiple accounts. An admin or a mod will change your username for you if needed.

15. Don't troll excessively. The chatbox we're okay with; but the forum is a no-no.

16. If quoting a poster, try not to quote images. It lengthens the page excessively, and don't quote the poster directly above you.

17. Don't post on any introduction or farewell threads if they haven't been posted on in the past 2 weeks, unless you're the creator of the thread and are updating.
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Forum rules.
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